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Foundation of Sea Trucks Nigeria Ltd., who starts chartering small inland oilfield support vessels
to affiliates of major international oil and gas companies operating in the oil and gas fields located
in the Niger Delta.


Sea Trucks establishes marine support facilities in Warri, Nigeria from which it is able to maintain
and repair its vessels and also begins a local inland vessel building business.


Sea Trucks expands rapidly adding capabilities: drydock, supply base, AHTS fleet.


Sea Trucks establishes an office in Shanghai to support its vessel construction and commissioning
followed by a naval architecture and engineering office.

2000 - 2006   

Further expansion including formation of an offshore contracting division in the UAE, development
of the Jascon fleet and further development of fabrication yards in Onne, Nigeria and Sharjah, UAE.

2007 - 2010   

Delivery of 5 multi-purpose DP-3 construction / accommodation vessels.

2011 - future   


Ongoing expansion of DP-3 and offshore support vessel fleet and establishment of corporate support
office in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.